Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Monday night was the first small group leader meeting of the "new" class year. It's about the only time we have to come together and try to get to know each other, even in a small way. Oh, we see each other often, but it's passing in the hall on our way to our rooms.

We start the meeting with prayer and then song (soooo glad the Lord says "make a joyful noise"). I got excited because I saw that "Revelation Song" was cued up. It's my new favorite song after I heard it at the Beth Moore simulcast a couple of weeks ago. It was sang at church last Sunday and then *boom* there it was again. However, that wasn't the song we were singing. But, I was still excited to see it. (We sang Hosanna, in case you were wondering.)

We went through stuff and then Pastor Paul took over the meeting. In October, we'll be starting a new study on prayer by Jim Cymbala, and he (Pastor Paul, not Jim Cymbala) was talking to us about prayer. He lead us in a prayer time that was very unique to me. First, we separated into two groups: men/women. We quieted ourselves and asked God to speak to us and lay on our hearts what the person to our right needed prayer about. While we were still quieted, we were to pray for the needs God laid on our hearts for our neighbor. When the prayer time was over, we were then to share with the person what God laid on our hearts.

I shared with my right hand friend that God wanted her to know to let go of her son, who is going to college next week, and to let her know that He will finish the work He has started in her son. The lady to my left shared that she prayed for me to keep what I'm doing with my family, amidst all the struggles; I was doing what He wanted me to do! Now, my right hand friend is also my mentor and my friend, so it would be easy to rationalize how I knew what to pray for her. But, the lady to my left and I know each other, but I can't rationalize her knowing about my struggles other than it being a God thing! Most of the women were weeping a wee bit and so were some of the men! I thought this was the coolest things, ever. Maybe if I stilled myself more before God, I would hear Him speak.

Does anyone else just crack up at the new Swiffer commercials where the mop, broom or duster is trying to woo back the female who stopped using them? If I'm finding amusement from commercials, am I spending way too much time watching TV? (Oh, I can answer that. YES!) Oh, I'm cracking up just thinking about the broom peeking out from behind a tree and "Baby Come Back" playing. tee hee hee hee

Looking for a job is going really really slow. I can't even keep up with the number of applications I have put in and nothing. I don't think craigslist is the best place for me to look...unless, of course, I want to review and input ads. I would gladly do that; if it didn't cost money to start!

I can't believe the Siesta Fiesta is NEXT WEEK!!!!!!! I'm really excited to meet my fellow siestas and of course mama siesta!!!!!!!! I'm looking forward to a lot of laughter and giggles. I so need giggles and laughter.

I've been enjoying tooling around the various blogs that I have recently found. How have I not seen these incredible blogs before? So many talented and FUNNY and godly women out there. Yahoo-Jah!

Well, another episode of Law & Order is on (the original), so I guess I'll go watch it. Heaven knows I haven't watched enough TV today *cough*.

Thanks for reading the ramblings ;).

For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jer. 29:11

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